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Kaymu strikes an exclusive deal to sell Telenor 3G cell phone in Pakistan


The increasing amount of a research points out that 3G technology is transforming the world in positive ways. With 3G enabled mobile phones distance between people and places is shrinking at an exponential pace, and empirical evidence also highlights that this pioneering technological advancement is leading to economic growth and enhanced productivity.

In Pakistan Kaymu has taken an initiative to make this technology more accessible to the general public through a partnership with Telenor, which is a leading GSM service provider in the country.

Telenor 3G mobiles in Pakistan at unmatched prices:

Telenor, a prominent telecom operator, has strived to provide consumers with affordable telecommunication solutions. In order to stay true to its spirit, it has launched two 3G feature phones called Telenor Easy 3G and Telenor Smart 3G.

These 3G enabled smartphones that have been introduced by Telenor are designed to benefit the masses in Pakistan, who do not afford to purchase expensive smartphones. Hence, through these headsets they can avail 3G internet services at most competitive prices.

These mobile phones not only supports 3G technology, but also offer other cutting-edge features, for instance, bright screen with state of the art QVGA display, FM Radio function, Bluetooth connectivity and a two megapixel camera to help you take amazing quality pictures.

For greater consumer convenience, these affordable smartphones are preloaded with popular social media apps, including, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Unlike other smartphone brands, Telenor has worked hard to provide the most reliable 3G technology enabled phones to the people of Pakistan and thus, offers a limited time warranty and free 3 GB of internet and mobile balance.

Buy Telenor mobiles online in Pakistan:

Initially, these mobile phones were sold through the Telenor Customer Service Center, authorized franchises and limited retail outlets only. However, in order to make these smartphones more accessible to people, Kaymu and Telenor signed a special deal. This means consumers can buy Telenor 3G mobiles at Kaymu.pk at the most unbelievable prices.

Kaymu one of the leading online marketplace strives to improve users’ online shopping experience and this deal with Telenor is the testimony of its commitment. Consumers can avail exciting deals and free cash on delivery feature by buying Telenor 3G mobiles online through Kaymu.



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