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10th Anniversary of 8th October Earthquake

Today has been marked as the 10th anniversary of October 8 deadly earth quake! We have seen that many of the victims have been still waiting for rehabilitation. So far ten years have been passed when this massive earthquake just rocked northern Pakistan at the time of 8th October, 8:52 am and it also caused more than 80,000 deaths right in the upper Hazara and Azad Jammu and Kashmir including Islamabad areas. This earth quake measured up to 7.6 on the Richter scale, we saw that tens of thousands were injured and they also got homeless because of this deadly earth quake. We also saw that Balakot and also areas of Garhi Habibullah, villages in Mansehra district were also razed and perished. Today 8th October 2015 marks the anniversary of deadly earthquake, special prayers have been offered at mosques across AJK today. May Allah protect us all from these deadly earthquakes

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