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How Offline & Online Shopping in Pakistan Can work Together


There are different types of shoppers around the world, some prefer shopping online while others like to go to a physical store. Shopping online and offline sometimes depends on the product category. Many buyers prefer shopping for electronics at a physical store because they believe that they can physically touch and see the gadget. Shopping online for expensive products is considered as a risk for some consumers. No matter how secure an online store is, buyers prefer shopping offline rather than online.

Then there are few products that people buy online in Pakistan. Imported products like make up and clothes which are not available in Pakistan are bought online quite frequently. So the result of the shopping patterns of the buyers show that shoppers do a mixture of online and offline shopping.


Now the trend has changed because buyers are shopping online for every kind of products. Regardless of how expensive the product is or what the product category is, online shopping is very common. There are several online stores which provide buyers with a secure platform where they can shop for everything. Buyers can shop online for clothes, jewelry, shoes, electronics, home appliances, kitchen appliances and even cars!

One of the very trusted store in Pakistan is Kaymu, which is a platform that brings buyers and sellers together. Everything that the buyers choose to buy is delivered to them anywhere in Pakistan with a cash on delivery feature. In specific when talking about expensive products like cell phones, Shophive is another online store where there is a wide range of gadgets. This website is very trustworthy and shoppers have had some great experiences shopping from here.


The trend for shopping online has gained so much popularity that famous brands have started selling products online. That is because most of the shoppers do not have the time to go to a physical store and get everything. Also sellers offer a lot of discount deals online which reduce the overall cost of the products that the buyers want to buy.

As we all saw there were several sales like Black Friday and New Year’s Sales offered by popular brands. Also we saw all the long queues, fights and drama at physical stores. To avoid all that buyers shopped online for the same products at the same prices but sitting at home. There is no need to stand in long queues in the sun or get into fights with fellow shoppers. With a click of a button fill your e-carts and get everything delivered to you in no time. That is the beauty of shopping online which people all over Pakistan have begun to appreciate.

It does not matter whether you shop offline or online, in the end getting the best products at affordable prices matters. There are several advantages that online shopping has over offline shopping and in the end it depends on the buyer’s preference where to shop from. Make the wise decision and have a great time shopping from wherever you feel like!



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