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GOSF 2016 Pakistan

GOSF-2016 Pakistan: Goes Green with TazaMart

For the very first time in the history of online shopping in Pakistan we are to witness a green sales. This is may not be your dreamt eco-friendly sales rather this is about the fruits and vegetables or to be more precise this is about your pantry. This year’s Great Online Shopping Festival will be featuring TazaMart as the leading online grocery store. Bringing you up to 50% off on selective products, TazaMart promises a never-before experience. The event being held on 28th, 29th and 30th September, is the premier online sales event powered by google. Being held successfully in America, Singapore and India, this is the first time GOSF is going full scale in Pakistan.

Instant and Free Delivery

With TazaMart you can have your ration and monthly grocery delivered instantly free of cost. Simply order from GOSF.live or TazaMart and have yourself delivered in the flick of wand. No matter how crazy you are planning to go and whether your cart is fully loaded with brands we will have you delivered within 24 hours of the order. This time you are not going to wait for your order for centuries. TazaMart, Pakistan’s leading online grocery store maintaining its instant delivery mantra would be helping you cook your selection the same day or by the next. TazaMart promises a 24 hour streamline with same delivery also available.

GOSF Pakistan 2016

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From Brand to Products

So, what are your plans? Looking forward buying brands, probably want to enjoy combos? Well, let us tell you TazaMart brings you everything and anything that you wish for. It’s like stacking up your pantry and your refrigerator as per your need and wish without depending upon packing size limitations. TazaMart has long been known for introducing amazing combo packages in all categories. Be it buying loads of spices for your friends and family gatherings or be it the back-to-school stationery you want to buy. From toiletries to personal care and form red and white meat to green vegetables and fresh fruits, TazaMart brings you all in combos. Be it your favorite brands or the farm produce all you need to do this GOSF is sit back with your mobile and swipe through the vide offerings and enjoy the crazy deals.

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Great Online Shopping Festival 2016 Pakistan

It’s Raining Discounts

When it comes to TazaMart, discounts and sales are an integral part of the offering. Be it religious festivals or the prideful national events, TazaMart never fails to impress. They bring the best offerings in town and make sure that you are home delivered with a no question asked policy. This time at the GOSF, TazaMart is offering nothing less than half of the price. With up to 50% discounts being offered TazaMart promises an even worth remembering. Get your monthly/daily ration shopping done this time from GOSF and save hundreds and thousands of rupees. With TazaMart you don’t need to worry about quality or being delivered expired goods. Complemented with a no question asked policy, TazaMart brings you only fresh and shelf healthy products. And if you don’t like what you are being delivered you can have it returned and avail a 100% reimbursement. After all it’s a no question asked return.

Don’t forget to Register

Well it is only a few more hours to go before the extravaganza finally begins. Have your ration lists prepared and don’t forget to register yourself beforehand as things might crazy go and you may have to log out empty handed. You can register both GOSF.live, have push notifications ON or simply go and register with TazaMart for much more. You can also follow TazaMart social channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for live updates.



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