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GOSF 2016 Pakistan

GOSF 2016 Pakistan: Avail Amazing Deals and Discounts @ Jambo.pk

The month of September holds a lot of excitement and surprises as the Great Shopping Festival 2016 is just around the corner. It makes a comeback for the second time in Pakistan with crazy deals, better offerings and a much better shopping experience. This year everything is grand; from shopping deals to flash sales on all product categories, there is something for everyone.

The online shopping extravaganza is scheduled to take place on 28th, 29th and 30th September 2016. Initiated by Google, the event is set to create sale records better than any other shopping festival held in Pakistan ever before. For the first time, the Great Online Shopping Festival by Google is introducing flash sales to maximize the impact of the amazing discounts. It features convenient subscriptions and notifications to know when deals are available throughout the three days of the shopping event.

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GOSF Pakistan deals in 2016

Gear up, it’s almost time for GOSF

With just a few days to go, you can access some of the most exciting deals and discounts online from the major online shopping players of the country. Among all the leading e-commerce players, Jambo.pk is all set to offer its products on the Great Shopping Festival. So, Gear up because you don’t want to miss out the opportunity to avail the deals and discounts.

Jambo.pk, one of the participants among other online stores encourage you to take part in the annual shopping festival sponsored by Google to give one of a kind experience at home. This is even better than other seasonal sales and shopping festivals because the deals are endless and the discounts are better than ever!

Check Deals on GOSF 2016 Pakistan

What Jambo.pk is offering at the Google Online Shopping Festival?

One can expect a lot from Jambo.pk, an online shopping store in Pakistan for all kinds of generic household and personal products. It is loading the web store with the best GOSF deals on tech products to woo you with crazy discounts. There is no better time to buy all the items that you wanted to purchase for so long. Best price for mobile phones, Dell laptops best deals and headphones are just a start, wait till the actual event and explore more tech items on Jambo.pk. From Samsung, Huawei, DANY, to Noir and much more to get the bet mobile prices in Pakistan.

If tech is something that you are not interested in, then Jambo.pk has more for you! Looking for home appliances to replace the old ones? This is just the right time to make a smart purchase on all the electrical appliances that you were waiting to replace or add in your home for so long. It’s not about comfort and ease in shopping anymore, it’s all about luxury now. Jambo.pk brings you amazing discount bundles on all the electrical and home appliances from microwave oven to oven toaster, jumbo food factory, blender with grinder, dry iron, water dispenser, washing machine, HD LED TV and inverter split air conditioner. This is just the tip of the ice-berg because what you can explore at Jambo.pk on the Google Shopping Festival is much more extravagant than what you are expecting.

GOSF.live 2016 Pakistan

It’s okay if you are not a tech geek or a housewife on a mission to purchase home appliances. Jambo.pk’s shelves at the GOSF are already stacked with the most wanted personal items. Upgrade your lifestyle by subscribing to the amazing deals on PlayStation 4, hair straighteners and luxurious perfumes for both men and women.

If you are a first timer at the Google Shopping Festival and worry about product quality, then there is news for you. All the products in various product categories listed on Jambo.pk for GOSF are available with brand warranty. This is your chance to enjoy a shopping festival at home where all the items are authentic. Just subscribe to your favorite deals on Jambo.pk and you will be notified once the deals are available during the three daylong event.

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GOSF.Live 2016 in Pakistan

What else can you expect?

The biggest online store is Pakistan is not just bragging about crazy sales. You can expect GOSF deals and discounts up to 70%. Yes, you read it right! Now, would you want to miss a chance to get some of the best deals on Jambo.pk? It’s not shopping made fun anymore but shopping made exciting this time as the Google Shopping Festival continues to make the event more popular.

Mark your calendars and log on Jambo.pk store or Gosf.live on 28th, 29th and 30th September and fill the shopping carts with loads of goodies. Shop just for yourself or for the entire family because there is something for everyone. Get ready because it’s almost time and you don’t want to be late and miss all the fun deals!



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