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Pakistan Army Power

Learn All About Pakistan Army Power with Wajahat S Khan @ Rava.pk

Pakistan Army Power

If you are a regular news junky and like to remain updated regarding all the recent happenings then you may have pretty well heard of the Uri attack. The hot topic in both, Pakistani and Indian media, Uri was the largest attack on an Indian strategic installation in almost two decades. Resulting in the loss of 18 Indian soldiers with several others being reported injured the attack has brought upon the debate of who is mightier among Pakistan and India and can there be a direct confrontation. One can scroll scores of news items on video curation website, Rava.pk and learn about all the latest happenings and come abreast of the developments.

Well we may not be able to help you out in comprehending the strike and defense capacity of the Indian army but we can surely make an idea of our own of the men in brown, Pakistan Army. No we are not leading you to any of the secret documents or breaking into security websites, it is Journalism with Wajahatullah Khan, a Pakistani political talk show that helps you learn about the Pakistan Armed Forces. Confused? Well, let us help you out there. Wajahatullah Khan is a seasoned journalist from Pakistan and currently hosts a show by his own name on Dunya News. Wajahatullah has a unique style of interviewing people on his show. You will find Wajahat interviewing politicians on airplanes, tarmacs, over roadside, and at times even right in front of the Saudi Royals. This journalist for sure has created a brand of his own and is praised for his contemporary and raw style of reporting and analysis.

Pakistan Army Soldiers - Men At Their Best

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So, how come Wajahatullah makes us understand the capability and capacity of the Pakistani Armed Forces? Well Wajahatullah S Khan is a fellow from Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, Harvard University and has special interest in military affairs, a fact evident on his resume. Conducting shows with the Pakistan forces, be it on the frontline bases or the training schools, Wajahatullah has this exclusive style that makes him easily gel around (well some of it also because of his connections). If you are looking for regular checks on how mighty the Pakistan Army is then, “Mahaz Wajahat Saeed Khan Kay Sath” on Dunya News is the show you should be keeping a check on.

The Defence Day Special

In one of his recent outings, the show was right at the LoC (Line of Control) and visited some of the forward bases of the Pakistan Army. Detailing down the professionalism of Pakistan Army and their defensive and round the clock preparedness, Wajahat also explored upon whether both the adversaries matched the skills of each other. The show even shed light on how different the situation was in the two Kashmiris. The Pakistani Azaad Kashmir through which Wajahat travelled, the sense of freedom and security was prevalent. There was no oppression in sight, no use of pellet guns or curfews. As compared to this the recent news from Occupied Kashmir is all gruesome and brutal. With excessive use of force being reported by Indian Army the people even on this side of the LoC were found equally worried. Though the show was shot well before the Uri attack and the tension that has since then cumulated, the preparedness of the Pakistan Army offered definite respite to those who feel insecure of the recent tension.

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Al Khalid Tank of Pakistan Army

From The 6th Armored Division

Part of the Pakistan Defence Day Celebration a show was also dedicated to the 6th Armored Division. The unit is known for its bravery during the 65 war. The show talked about the technological advancement the Pakistani Army possess. Showcasing all the latest of the armored division, this program clearly reflected the competitive edge that the Pakistan Army has enjoyed both historically and in current times.

It is not the first time that Wajahat has hosted such shows. During his days at Dawn News TV he conducted a special show that was only Pakistan Arm Forces centric. The show, We Are Soldiers was later banned by PEMRA for unknown reasons.

If you want catch upon more from Wajahat or want to watch Pakistan Arm Forces you can visit Rava.pk and scroll through all the latest.

Mahaaz – August 13, 2016



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