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About Us

We have been lately introduced to the news industry and we plan to flourish in this field because of our precise and up to the mark news updates. We believe in the quality of the news and the truth behind it.

We believe that Pakistan needs a lot of resources in the education department. The reason is that the new generation will be able to succeed only if they be given quality education and quality upbringing. This is only possible if the government provides the Students of Pakistan with enough resources required for quality education. This includes electricity, water and quality books.

Pakistan is undergoing a crisis right now in every field mainly economical crisis. Tajzia is helping the country by opening the website for blogging and reviews. You can write down your heart at tajzia and be free to serve the cause of saving Pakistan. We have interviewed and published great personalities of Pakistan and featured videos are also included in the website.

Tajzia focuses on the current issues that are undergoing in Pakistan. We believe in humanity and the struggle required promoting humanity. When we deliver the news on the online news website, we make sure that no point is left out to be known by the people of Pakistan and even around the world.

Now you don’t have to contact the newspaper vendor or sit in front of the television all day long, to look for the latest updates. Just log in to tajzia.pk and you have entered into the world of latest news and ongoing issues.