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How Offline & Online Shopping in Pakistan Can work Together

There are different types of shoppers around the world, some prefer shopping online while others like to go to a physical store. Shopping online and offline sometimes depends on the product category. Many buyers prefer shopping for electronics at a physical store because they believe that they can physically touch and see the gadget. Shopping online for expensive products is ...

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Kaymu strikes an exclusive deal to sell Telenor 3G cell phone in Pakistan

The increasing amount of a research points out that 3G technology is transforming the world in positive ways. With 3G enabled mobile phones distance between people and places is shrinking at an exponential pace, and empirical evidence also highlights that this pioneering technological advancement is leading to economic growth and enhanced productivity. In Pakistan Kaymu has taken an initiative to ...

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UCH Sharif Maila

It is mela season again and Uch Sharif is a tangible over-burdened. The festivals begin little as you advance towards the town focus: scattered assemblages of young men, an odd ferris wheel or men offering cotton candies on bikes. These swell into a group when you achieve the primary bazaar of the town, and into an indistinct mass at the ...

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Pakistani silver screen restoring again?

On the off chance that you have drudged through the late string of awkward labyrinths that are cutting edge motion picture plots highlighting futile tune and move, then maybe your confidence in the recovery of this industry runs the danger of faltering. At any rate mine was, which is the reason I was happy to have the chance to take ...

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HONY helps raise 1.2 million dollars to end reinforced work in Pakistan

At the point when Humans of New York’s (HONY) Brandon Stanton Stanton came to Pakistan this late spring, we knew we were sure to find some amazing stories. To finish up his arrangement, he put the focus on extremely extraordinary change specialists: Syeda Ghulam Fatima. Fatima is an eminent extremist in the nation, who is known for her work towards ...

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